MalinSarah Gozin (Clan, Tabula rasa) has received the Award for Best Creative Talent 2019, it was announced by Walter Iuzzulino, the titular ‘Walter’ in Walter Presents, at the second edition of the Walters that took place during Content London. For the second year in a row, the award went to Flanders. The very first recipient was Indra Siera, the director of the hit TV series Professor T. The event coincided with the news that Walter Presents had registered its 100 millionth streaming transaction in the UK where the service launched in 2016. Flemish content usually scores high at Iuzzolino’s VOD service.

Unable to attend the awards ceremony, Gozin asked her colleague Dimitri Verbeeck to pass a few words of thanks to the Walter Presents team. “Being a compelling writer means you know how to create conflict or to come up with the worst kind of circumstances for your characters,” she started her acceptance speech. ”So, for Dimitri’s discomfort and your entertainment, I googled the most difficult words in English and easter-egged some sesquipedalians in this little speech. I didn’t want to become an otorhinolaryngologist as a kid. Instead I devoured films and TV series. Very much like Walter, I worked my way through non-scripted to finally find my true vocation: scripted drama. This Walter Presents tribute is very special to me. Apart from palpitations, Sylvanian crushes, and some neurotic structural inclinations, I’m sharing with Walter a passion for character-driven storytelling. It took us just a few seconds of tail sniffing that very first time we met here in Soho when Launching Walter Presents and introducing Clan to the UK audience in order to discover a genuine professional soulmate. With the highest degree of verisimilitude, I hope our paths may cross perennially and ubiquitiously. Thank you very much, this feels truly wonderful… or in the words of Mary Poppins: truly supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.”

Gozin graduated in 1989 from the University of Leuven with a major in English Literature and got a post-graduate degree in Culture and Communication at the University of Brussels. As well as being a showrunner, she is also a TV producer, creator, and writer. In addition to Clan (2012), she co-wrote shows such as Tabula rasa (2017) and Connie & Clyde (2013). Both Clan and Tabula are among the top-streaming shows on Walter Presents. Gozin is currently writing her first feature film script.

Walter Presents is a video-on-demand (VOD) service of UK’s Channel 4, part of its All 4 online platform. Launched at the beginning of 2016, it specialises in foreign language drama and comedy, with English subtitles. The service was later offered as an ad-free subscription service in the United States in March 2017, in Australia via a Foxtel service in November 2017, in Italy as an on-demand service in 2018 through a deal between Global and Discovery Networks, and in Flanders through VTM Go since 2019.