Frederike Migom’s feature debut, the family-oriented Binti, secured a slot at the 2020 Sundance Film Festival (23 January-2 February 2020). The news follows a series of prizes such as the Cinekid Award.

 Written and directed by Frederike Migom, Binti is the story of a 12-year-old girl who was born in the Congo but has been living with her father Jovial in Belgium since she was a baby. Despite not having any legal documents, Binti wants to live a normal life, and dreams of becoming a famous vlogger like her idol Tatyana. Elias (11) runs his ‘save-the-okapi-club’ without the help of his father, who’s moved to Brazil following his divorce from Elias’s mother Christine. When their annoying neighbour invites Christine on a romantic trip to Paris Elias, upset and angry, runs away to his treehouse. At the same time, police raid Binti and Jovial’s home, sending the two on the run, and Binti into the path of Elias. When their parents meet shortly after, she quickly sees the perfect solution to all her problems. If she can match her dad with Elias’s mum, they can get married and stay in Belgium.

As well as winning the main prize at this year’s Cinekid festival in Amsterdam, Binti also garnered awards such as Best Feature Film at JEF in Belgium, the Grand Prix de Montréal and a Special Mention of the Kids Jury at FIFEM in Montréal.

Produced by Katleen Goossens for Bulletproof Cupid, and represented internationally by LevelK, the cast is headed by Bebel Tshiani Baloji, Mo Bakker (Don’t Shoot), Joke Devynck (All of Us) and Baloji Tshiani.