Mark your calendars: the fifth edition of CONNEXT takes place 4-7 October 2020 in Antwerp.

Both the new CONNEXT main venue and official hotel are in walking distance from Antwerp’s Grand Central Station. Foreign guests will feel at home at the brand new NH Collection Antwerp Centre, located in the city’s famous Diamond Quarter. Featuring an abundance of greenery with refined decor, the hotel offers guests a stylish refuge from the bustle of the city. A budget-friendly option for participants is the adjacent A-Stay Hotel.

All projects, works-in-progress and keynotes will take place in the prestigious and spacious Flanders Meeting and Convention Center Antwerp (FMCCA), more precisely the Queen Elisabeth Hall and Atrium. FMCCA is also known as ‘Room With a ZOO’ because of its links with the adjacent zoo. This new central venue offers you much more space to have quiet discussions with other participants.

CONNEXT traditionally starts on Sunday with an informal ‘jetlag’ supper for its international guests. The supper follows a city discovery programme that usually starts around 3 pm.

→ Did you know that almost every diamond travels through Antwerp at least once? Ever since the 15th Century, Antwerp is the world’s number-one in the diamond trade with 86 % of all rough diamonds and 50 % of all cut diamonds going through there. In 2019 193,2 million carats of rough and cut diamond were traded. Hence the diamond reference in this year’s CONNEXT campaign. In fact, CONNEXT takes place just outside Antwerp’s Diamond Square Mile.

→ And a quick reminder: Sunday 4 October is Shopping Sunday in Antwerp. As they say: You know where you start, not where you end.

→ Interested in attending CONNEXT for the first time? Tell us who you are, what your relationship with content from Flanders and Brussels is, and why you would like to join us on or set up a meeting at the EFM.